VPNHit Internet Security.

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Keeping Identities Safe

Your IP address is kept secure and safe from prying eyes or hackers with our VPN, ensuring that no one can get into your computer.

Your location will also be protected, allowing you to remain invisible.

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Home services while on the road

The VPN client gives complete access to all your favourites.

The access also comes with the same security features you are used to.

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Servers are in over 16 different countries, allowing for complete and secure worldwide connection with your VPN.

As your connection is encrypted and private, your device will be kept safe from the dangers of the web.

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All the security in one privacy plan:

The Highest Double Encryption Technology

Having VPNHit installed means that your data will be defended with two layers of high-tech encryption.

Ultra-Fast Server Speed

When you are attached to one of our servers, you’ll have the best speed for all your streaming needs.

Setting up takes almost no time

Our VPN client is designed to work easily with every device.

We don’t log

We defend your data from being logged and stored by others, and you can rest assured we don’t log ourselves.

Fast and Instinctive Shut Down

Our VPN client monitors your connection and if you are disconnected from the client, then the internet connection is instantaneously cut off to keep you safe.

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